9 Hotel Geneva is located in the Paquis district in Geneva

The Paquis district is highly attractive on account of its famous baths and beautiful landscapes. For Geneva residents, this traditional meeting place is home to the city's oldest beach.

History of the Paquis district

The Paquis district was once an open meadow located outside the historical fortifications. These were destroyed or divided up in 1850 to build new properties that would host luxury facilities. In addition to its modernity, this district owes its originality to the structure of its streets which intersect at right angles. It now hustles and bustles with festivities and is a genuine hotspot. It contains a myriad of fashion boutiques and a wide variety of restaurants. Whether you're looking for the latest fashion trends or popular new accessories, you'll find everything you need in the large and lovely Paquis district.

The hotel's location at the heart of the Paquis district

Stretching from Cornavin Station to the edge of the lake, our hotel is located right in the centre of the Pâquis district between Rue de Lausanne, Rue des Alpes, Rue de la Navigation and Quai du Mont-Blanc. When you stay with us, you'll have the opportunity to observe and even take part in the festivities organised there. For a stay offering artistic, cultural and historical discoveries, the Pâquis district is a starting point for local residents and tourists alike. It is one of Geneva's most famous neighbourhoods. It is packed with countless architectural and historical treasures. An urban model and a standard for the Swiss canton, the Paquis district is an ideal place to recharge your batteries.


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