9 Hotel Geneva Pâquis is just a 5-minute walk from Geneva-Cornavin Station

The Geneva railway station is Switzerland's ninth busiest. It has a worldwide reach and is also called Cornavin. It is the main railway station in the Canton of Geneva and is world famous for its beautiful infrastructures enhanced by several shopping areas.

History of Geneva-Cornavin Station

Geneva's railway station known as Cornavin was inaugurated in the second half of the 19th century, in 1858. It was expanded in 1873 and then in 1893. After the League of Nations established its headquarters in Geneva in 1919, Cornavin Station was rebuilt again and completed in 1931. In the 2000s, the building's owners decided to adapt it to the Rail City concept, transforming Switzerland's major railway stations into ""modern and highly attractive service centres"". This explains why there are fifty or so shops and dining areas in addition to a police station.

Located in the heart of Geneva, the designer hotel 9 Hotel Pâquis is just a 5-minute walk from Geneva-Cornavin Station

Cornavin Station was inaugurated in 2004 and a recent renovation of all its infrastructures was finalised in 2014. You can run all your errands and do all your shopping near 9 Hotel Pâquis, benefiting from very long opening hours. Stores, kiosks, a pharmacy and restaurants are open until midnight at Cornavin Station. Even though it is Geneva's central railway station, not all trains depart from Cornavin. Depending on the destination, you may travel on a TGV or TER train.


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