9Hôtel Geneva Pâquis close to the centre of Geneva

Geneva is one of Switzerland's three main cantons, together with Zurich and Basel-Stadt, that have benefited from the country's economic success. It is an extraordinary destination whose landscapes will never cease to amaze you.

Our hotel is located just a stone's throw from the centre of Geneva.

History of the centre of Geneva: In the past, residents of Geneva always had a hard time positioning themselves in the State of Switzerland, due to the city's geographic remoteness, at the western end of Lake Geneva. The centre of Geneva was a meeting and crossing point for lines of communication connecting the Mediterranean to Northern Europe. Around 120 BC, the Romans occupied the city, and it was Julius Caesar who gave it its name. A local and regional market was then established there, turning it into a city of international fairs. In the 15th century, Geneva became a major financial marketplace. In 1536, the city adopted the Reformation and formed a Protestant Republic under the influence of John Calvin; it was then occupied by French troops from 1798 to 1813 and did not join the Swiss Confederation until 1815. Geneva ended up being crowned an international city in 1919 after being designated seat of the League of Nations.

The centre of Geneva is known primarily for its shopping districts, art galleries, historical monuments and architectural landmarks.

Located in the central district of Pâquis Nation, our three-star hotel will welcome you with professionalism. Its friendly staff will be delighted to show you the most popular places in the centre of Geneva. Get it to know it better by visiting its shopping centres, outdoor exhibitions and department stores, and be sure to bring back souvenirs and gifts for your family, friends or yourself. There's also no shortage of luxury boutiques and markets.


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