9 Hotel Pâquis is ideally located near the United Nations district

A central crossroads for Western Europe, Geneva is home to several fashionable neighbourhoods and major internationally renowned establishments including the Headquarters of the United Nations. With a large part of the UN's activities taking place in Geneva, the city hosts several annual meetings.

History of the United Nations district

The famous Palais des Nations was built starting in 1929, making the neighbourhood an emblem and a forum for international meetings at the northern end of the city of Geneva. Hosting various events marking international political history, such as the signing of the Geneva Protocol and the Convention on the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War in 1949, Palais des Nations welcomes more than 8,000 meetings and 600 conferences per year. The Red Cross Museum, the WHO headquarters, and the various establishments that have their offices in this district make Geneva an institutional reference city. The botanical gardens of Ariana Park which enhance a large part of the neighbourhood are also a major attraction. In addition, the large United Nations building boasts an exceptional architectural structure.

An ideal hotel to visit the United Nations district

For a tour of the United Nations district, a stop at a hotel located near this legendary site is in order. In Geneva, choose 9 Hôtel Pâquis, located close to Cornavin Station. With its world-famous historical monuments and wide variety of museums, the United Nations district is a truly unique site in this part of Europe. For a great stay in the city, stop at 9 Hôtel Pâquis, which will treat you to an uninterrupted view of much of the area surrounding the United Nations Office and its alley of flags asserting the site's diplomatic vocation.


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