3-star hotel near Geneva’s Patek Philippe Museum

Geneva is a city full of surprises and distinctive features. An exceptionally international city, it is, for example, at the centre of worldwide diplomacy, not least because it is the home of the United Nations’ headquarters. But no mention of Geneva would be complete without talking about watchmaking, the centuries-old art of which it is the birthplace. Geneva’s very many museums include the Patek Philippe Museum, where enthusiasts of the art of watchmaking will find themselves in seventh heaven. Our hotel, with its ideal location in Geneva, will be the perfect place to stay for those wanting to enjoy the city’s many wonders to the full.

Patek Philippe: watchmaking made art

This luxury watchmaking brand, founded in 1839, has always been at the leading edge of technology and innovation. In fact, since it was founded, Patek Philippe has registered no fewer than 70 patents. It is to this firm of great artisans in particular that we owe the wristwatch and the watch with a winding mechanism, which is easier to wind. It swiftly became ubiquitous at international level, and is the pride of Geneva. Today, Patek Philippe is still a highly covetable brand, not least because of the watches with complications in which the firm now specialises. Indeed, in 1933 Patek Philippe brought out the “Henry Graves Supercomplication”, a 24-complication watch that was “the most complicated in the world”. This watch, made to order for a New York banker, took eight years of work and was sold at auction in 2014 for just over 21 million euros. But this amount of work and this degree of sophistication were as nothing compared with the famous Calibre 89, invented by the company for its 150th anniversary. Issued in 1989, this timepiece has 33 complications and needed nine years of work – including five dedicated solely to research and development. The result was 1,100 grams of incomparable craftsmanship, consisting of 1,728 parts, which you will have the joy of discovering in the Patek Philippe Museum.

A treasure of watchmaking at the Patek Philippe Museum.

The Patek Philippe Museum opened in 2001, under the impetus of Philippe Stern. Considered a “temple of watchmaking”, it has two collections on display to the astounded gaze of visiting enthusiasts. First of all, there is the old collection, consisting of pieces dating from the 16th century, including the first watch ever made. It is a collection of European, Swiss and Genevan watches, of course, but also of enamel work and automata. Secondly, there is the Patek Philippe collection, which visitors are invited to explore. Lastly, we could scarcely fail to mention the extraordinary library on the third floor of the art deco building, consisting of thousands of works relating to time measurement and horology as well as the company archives.

The Patek Philippe simply cannot fail to impress visitors, as well as showing them a not inconsiderable part of Genevan history. During your stay in Geneva, don’t forget to enjoy the city’s many other museums, admire the Jardin Anglais and its Floral Clock, experience the bustle of the United Nations District, linger at your leisure in the Gare Cornavin and refresh yourself at the Bains des Pâquis. Choosing our hotel ensures you can easily visit all these sights and attractions while enjoying all the comfort you need.


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